Plunge vital records #lithuania

Howard Margol

The following Plunge death and divorce records have just been translated
and are in the process of being sent to qualified donors to the Plunge
Vital Records Project.

Plunge deaths 1842, 1844, 1854-1861 - 484 records.
Plunge divorces 1839-1856 - 24 records.

Work will start on May 17 to translate another 1,500 Plunge death
records. After that is completed, no additional funds will be available
to translate more Plunge vital records. Rather than wait until that time
comes, we are asking for contributions now so the remainder of the Plunge
vital records can be translated. To be a qualified donor, a minimum
contribution of $100 is required. This entitles you to receive all of the
Plunge vital records that have been translated as well as all those
translated in the future.

It does not automatically make you a member of LitvakSIG. A contribution
of $36 for annual dues is required for that.

To donate, go to and click on join/contribute. Be sure

and designate your contribution is for Plunge vital records and for
LitvakSIG dues if you decide to also do that. Feel free to use your credit
t card as the site is secure.

Aaron Roetenbeg
Coordinator - Kaunas Gubernia VRT

Howard Margol
LitvakSIG Coordinator for Records Acquisition

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