Confusing, or not to be, that is the question #lithuania

Howard Margol

Occasionally, a complaint is received stating how confusing it is when
deciding what to contribute and to where. Hopefully, the present setup of
LitvakSIG will help to clarify things. Please save this explanation in
your computer for future reference. Each time you make a contribution,
for a district or a project, it is a good idea to add a note about it.
In that way, you will know exactly what you have done as well as what
you need to do in the future. That is the best way to avoid being

Translated records are added to the All LithuaniaDatabase (ALD) a minimum
of 18 months after translation.

There are 13 different District Research Groups and one Gubernia Research
Group (Suwalki). Each DRG supports the translation of district records like
revision lists, family lists, tax lists, property lists, voters lists, etc.
The names of the various coordinators are listed on the
<> web site.

To be a qualified donor, for the Telsiai and Vilnius Districts, a $200
contribution is required. For all other districts, a $100 contribution is
required. This is subject to change so, if you are not already a qualified
donor, you may want to become one right away so you will be grandfathered

Vital records - three different projects. Aaron Roetenberg is the
Coordinator for Kaunas Gubernia towns. Joel Ratner is the Coordinator for Vilnius
Gubernia towns. Dorothy Leivers is the Coordinator for Suwalk Gubernia towns, which
are included in the Suwalk Gubernia Research Group.

To be a qualified donor, a $100 contribution for each town is required.

Kaunas Family List, 1858-1915 - Dorothy Leivers is the Coordinator. The
KFL consists of 18 separate books. A $100 contribution enables you to be a
qualified donor and receive the entire Kaunas Family List.

Lithuania Internal Passports, 1919-1940 - Howard Margol is the
Coordinator. Full details about the project can be found at

To be a qualified donor, a $100 contribution for each town is required.

It would certainly simplify things if all records were included in one
grand project. However, the project would be doomed to failure because of a
lack of funds. Researchers would contribute $100, or $200, and then expect
to receive all translated records forever. The process LitvakSIG has at the
present time is not perfect. However, it is working better than any other
ideas previously presented. Testimony to that is the tremendous number of
records that have been translated and are in the process of being translated
at the present time.

Suggestion - please add this to a permanent place in your computer.
Anytime you are confused by the myriad requests for project support, you can
just refer to this explanation.

LitvakSIG Research Task Force
Howard Margol (Chair)
Deena Berton
Dorothy Leivers
Joel Ratner

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