GAVENDE near Vilna #lithuania


I'm helping a cousin reasearch her mother's maternal grandmother's
family. The family buzz is that she came >from the Vilna area. Her nam
on her 1921 Philadelphia marriage license (married Max RESNICK) is
Jennie JAWENDE and she was born in 1898 in Russia. JAWENDE is likely a
variation of GAVENDE. Her parents are reported as Samuel and Sarah
JAWENDE, both of whom are still living in Russia. We know >from Jennie's
headstone (died Philadelphia 1931) that her Hebrew name is Zelde b.
Sholom Tobiah. According to census records, she arrived in the US circa
1912 but I still haven't found her ship manifest. She could have
arrived in New York, Philadelphia, or Boston (where one sister lived).

Her sister Beile married Moses/Morris/Maurice CHATZKELEVITZ before she
came to America in 1917. Beile traveled with her 2 children Wulf and
Abram to see husband Moses in Chelsea, MA. They used the name LEAVITT
in America and were living in Boston per the 1920 & 1930 census. On the
1917 manifest, Beile reporter her last residence as Swenziany. This is
also the place of birth reported for the children. Swenziany is likely
the town of Svencionys. Beile's place of birth is reported as
Raszkotane but the JewishGen town search doesn't recognize that name
even on a sounds-like search. Beile reported her closest living
relative in the old country as father Scholem KAWENDE in Kaltenany Gub,
Wilna which is likely the town of Kaltinenai/Kaltanenai, located about
10 miles >from Svencionys.

I just found the 1874 revision list for a GOVENDA family living in the
town of Salakas but registered in Svencionys. There is a 2 year old son
Sholom who may be Jennie/Zelde's father. The age and location are right
but no way to confirm yet.

Does anyone recognize these names? Any idea what the reference to the
town of Raszkotane on Beile's manifest might mean?

Thanks for any help.

Sharon Klein
Johns Creek, GA

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