Kaunas Family List and Kaunas District Research Group - SPECIAL OFFER #lithuania


The Kaunas Family List (KFL) 1858-1915 is two thirds complete. I anticipate
the 18 files will be translated by the end of 2010 or early 2011. Donors to
the KFL have agreed to give the data to the Kaunas District Research Group
as soon as the 18th file is completed. This data will not appear on the
All Lithuania Database (ALD) for another 18 months.

Qualifying contributors to the Kaunas District Research Group can obtain
immediate access to the Kaunas Family List data for an additional
contribution of $50 before 15 August 2010 and qualified contributors
to the Kaunas Family List are being offered access to all the Kaunas
DRG data for a similiar additional contribution.

If you are not a contributor to the Kaunas District Research Group or the
Kaunas Family List and you make a contribution to the Kaunas District
Research Group in order to support its translation work, you can take
advantage of this special offer as well. Qualifying contributions for the
Kaunas District Research Group are set at $100. A similiar amount is
required to obtain the Kaunas Family List data. Make a donation of $150
to support the Kaunas District Research Group now and you will be able
to access the data of both groups. This is a saving of $50 on supporting
both groups.

Over the past year, the KDRG has been able to obtain spreadsheets for all
the Internal Passports of Kaunas Distirct and the Vital Rrecords Translation
files for Jonava and city of Kaunas Translations of vital records for
Kaunas are still ongoing and we are now supporting the translation of the
remaining Viliampole records. Your donation will remain with the Kaunas
DRG for translation of these additional Vital Records.

Make your donation by going to www.litvaksig.org/contribute Under
District Research Groups, select Kaunas and in the notes box, please
specify KFL so that I can quickly recognise your contribution and invite
you to our sites where the data is stored.

Dorothy Leivers

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