Sue Welsh <suewelsh@...>

It's not a stupid question at all! We're dealing with two alphabets --
Cyrillic and Roman, phonetic spellings, and all sorts of other
It is entirely possible that they could be the same surname -- or not.
What you'll have to do is try and match up some given names, addresses, etc.,
to figure it out.

In my own family, my paternal grandfather's surname changed six times
during his lifetime: >from Hranet in Odessa, to Granet, to Grannet, to
Granett, to Granit and finally Granite in America. and his given name
morphed >from Moisha to Moses to Maurice to Morris.

And when I first met my husband, I thought his surname was Walsh not

And that's just two people meeting in the same town.

Susan Granite Welsh
Santa Barbara, CA

From: YLCA87@...

Dear All,

They say there are no silly questions so I hope that covers me on this
one and I don't appear as totally without a clue.

I'm researching FELDMAN in Veliouna, Kaunas, Lithuania. The VALDMAN
same comes up quite a bit in the same town when searching by D-M code.

Are these two totally separate surnames or could they possibly overlap
and all belong to the same family?

Best Regards,
Connie Fisher Newhan (#1272)
California, USA

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