Hi Everyone

Wanted to share my success at finally finding the place of origin
for my Grandfather Louis E. (Yehunda Arye Lieb) FREEDMAN.
He has been found signing the Dublin Alien Registration book at the
Dublin Met Police on 28th June 1917. He gives his Place of birth as:
SWEKSNA, KOVNO, RUSSIA. Now in Lithuania. He was born 1867.
On all UK censuses my grandfather stated he was >from Germany!
While in Dublin he was lodging with Mrs Ada or Edith LEVIN at:
12, St Kevin's Parade, Dublin. Ada/Edith was once married to
Morris LEVIN, they had 4 children, Annie - Bertha - Mary - Ethie.
Morris had a sister Rose (m) LEPLAR. Morris later went to
South Africa without his wife Ada/Edith LEVIN.
Ada or Edith LEVIN's maiden name was HARRIS/ZOROCHOVITZ.
Ada was born in 1877 in KARKELAN PAURA, KOVNO.
The LEVIN family had connections to South Africa & Manchester.
Siblings of Ada/Edith were: Solomon LEVIN, Abraham LEVIN
Harry LEVIN & Riva (m) CAPLAN. Sarah (m) GITTELSON.

I now need to trace my grandfather's root in SWEKSNA, KOVNO.
I would be interested to hear >from anyone who think they have a link
to either my grandfather, or to the LEVIN family. I would like to know
if my grandfather had any family link to the LEVIN family.

Also, the information gives his ID Number & date of issue in Liverpool.
Has anyone any knowledge of any surviving records of ID Cards.
I'm hoping his file might give me his mother's name. At the moment,
I only know his father's name, Tobias FREEDMAN & I'm researching a
Tobias FREEDMAN who died in DUBLIN in 1902 & I'm working with other
researchers who have connections with other Dublin FREEDMAN families.

Going to open the champagne !

Monica McMullin
Liverpool UK

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