Howard Margol

Following is a summary of the records that have been translated >from July
1, 2010 through October 31, 2010.


LitvakSIG Coordinator of District Coordinators Dorothy Leivers, in
cooperation with the District Coordinators, creates a Translation
Queue consisting of records to be translated. She then notifies me as
to which records are ready for translation. I, in turn, forward that
information to one of the translators.

Upon receipt of the translated data, I give it a quick review looking
for obvious questionable items. In some cases, I have to contact the
translator for an explanation or correction. I then send the translated
data to Dorothy or to Aaron Roetenberg (Kaunas Gubernia Vital Records
Translation - VRT - Coordinator), depending on the type of list. Dorothy
gives the translated list a further review prior to sending it on to the
District Coordinator for inclusion in the District Shutterfly web site.
Aaron sends the list to his contributors. Sounds very simple and it is,
except for the time involved.

None of the records can be translated without your financial support. To
those who have contributed, please accept our heartfelt thanks.

Latest development - the most exciting list to me is the Panevezys
Property List, 1940's. In addition to providing a list of Jewish property
owners in 1940, it also provides a record of Jews who survived, returned
to Panevezys, and reclaimed their property. This information is extremely
important. It is available to members of the Panevezys District Research
Group (DRG).

Howard Margol - Chair, LitvakSIG Records Acquisition Task Force

Historical Archive in Vilnius (LVIA)
Kaunas deaths - 1907-1914 - 2,289 records
Telsiai Births - 1898 - 1938 - 2 records
Marijampole Births - 1918-1921 - 109 records
Marijampole Marriages - 1918-1921 - 73 records
Kaunas births 1907-1914 - 2,773 records
Balbieriskis (Suwalki) Births - 1808-1857 - 640 records
Birzai (Panevezys) 1834 RL & ARL - 2,295 lines
Pakroujis (Panevezys) -1834-35 RL & ARL-801 lines
Ramygala (Panevezys) 1834 RL-280 lines
Krekeneva (Panevezys) 1834-35 RL & ARL - 720 lines
Balbieriskis (Suwalki) deaths-1818 - 1847 - 446 records
Pakruojis births-1905 - 1909-111 records
Kaunas city - Births 1896-1906 - 6,374 records
Svencionys District 1874/1875, 1899/1908 ARL (Svencionys, Svir,
- 738 lines
Vilijampole (Kaunas) births 1893-1895 - 457 records

Translated records >from other archives in Report No. 2 to follow. Stay

MODERATOR'S NOTE: "RL" denotes revision list, and "ARL" denotes
additional revision list (made after the tenth and last official
revision of 1858.)

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