Josie Barnett

The Disna District Research Group of LitvakSig is a very small research
group. Through the gallant past support of our members we have made a
significant contribution to the translation of records >from the area.

We have had a period of inactivity due to lack of funds, but our
financial position is improving and it is now possible to start
thinking about continuing the translation of the 1834 Revision List.

Germanovichi, Golubicy and Glubokoye have been completed so far.
Disna, Druya, Leonpol, Luzhek, Plisa, Postavy, and Sharkovschinna
are waiting for translation.

To join us or learn more go to our direct link on the Litvaksig website
< http://www/ >
or contact me at < hedakal@... >.

Josie Barnett
District Coordinator
Disna Research Group
Researching Chidekel >from Sharkovschinna

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