"March of Time" episode that displays certificates with Jewish names #lithuania

Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

I am watching one of the "March of Time" thirty-minute films (Volume 3,
Number 11), this one >from 1937, and one part of it is entitled "Poland and

In one scene (at about the six-minute mark) they are talking about
attacks (pogroms) against the Jews and they show a number of certificates
that I believe are hanging on walls, and there are names on these

I can't say >from what city/town these certificates hung--perhaps Danzig,
or Warsaw, Galicia, Lithuania, or a town in the Bialystok region, I can't
tell >from the newsreel footage--but I would be remiss if I didn't pass
these names on to you. I can't really read what else is printed on these
certificates, but can tell you the names as they are the largest printing
on said certificates.

So then here are the names:

Estera Adlermanowna
Mendla Apfel
Abraham Schwannanfeld
Abraham Selig Rappaport
Wolf Mamber (the second 'm' and 'b' are a bit suspect)
Sarah z Tuchmanow Krebsowa
Leib Schwarz
Gedale Loffler

I'll keep my eyes open for more names, etc. One never knows where one may
find a name of interest.

You can see a listing of the various segments "March of Time" newsreels
(with a synopsis of each) at

You can actually watch full-length episodes at
http://www.hboarchives.com/apps/searchlibrary/ctl/marchoftime . You'll have
to register with them first and create a user name and password.

Steven Lasky
blog: http://museumoffamilyhistory.blogspot.com

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