Question RE: Shared first names #lithuania

Michael Waas

Dear SIG,

I hope your Purim was lovely. I have a question regarding shared first
names in a family.

In the 1874 revision list for Rumsiskes, my ancestor Shlioma Girsh
Polianski is listed as having several sons, including the following:

Tankhel (Yankel?) Polianski
Yankel Mordkhel Polianski
Yankel Movsha Polianski (my great-great-great grandfather).

Now I don't know whether Tankhel=Yankel and if someone could clear
that up, that would be fantastic, but why would my ancestor Yankel
Movsha, who is recorded as that several times or as Jakubas Mausha,
have a brother also name Yankel? Now, it could theoretically just be a
mistake, or perhaps it was because my ancestor was the eldest son of
Shlioma Girsh Polianski and Rivka Golda Aronson.

Any ideas will be much appreciated.

Best Regards,
Michael Waas
Sarasota and Miami, FL
Researching: POLIANSKI, POLANSKI, ARONSON (Zasliai; Rumsiskes; Kaunas)

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