Searching for BANK - new data #lithuania

Igor Schein <igorschein@...>

I learned a couple of new things about my BANK family, which brought
up new questions.

1) My great-grandmother's uncle owned a candy-manufacturing factory in
Vilno, At some point after 1917 (I was told in 1930s) he emigrated to
the US. Are there post-1917 business directories where I might find
an entry for him? Unfortunately I don't know his first name, which
is kind of mandatory to look for him in vital records. He had two
brothers, my second great-grandfather Mikhoel and his younger brother
Motel who emigrated to the US earlier.

2) His sister, Khaya BANK was married to Meyer SEGAL. Their children
(at least the older ones) were born in Zarasai uezd, but at some point
the family moved to Utena, Ukmerge. I am hoping to find their traces
among Ukmerge records, especially those of their daughter Riva, who
married, had two children (one before 1933, one in 1933) and divorced,
all of that presumably happening in Utena. Would I benefit from
joining Ukmerge group? Unlike Sarazai uezd, where a few of my roots
are and where I am a member, my Ukmerge interest is strictly limited
to the family above, so I'd like to know what's available for members
before joining that group.


Igor Schein

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Because Vilna was part of inter-war Poland, listings
for confectioners in Vilna would be in inter-war Polish Business
Directories, organized alphabetically by business/profession within a
town. A link to the 1929 Polish Business Directory can be found on the
homepage of Jewish Records Indexing-Poland at
And at one can search a
number of directories, including some >from Vilna.

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