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Roy Ogus <r_ogus@...>


The Ukmerge District Research Group (DRG) records should be very helpful
in your BANK/SEGAL search. As you know, the data >from translated Ukmerge
records are made available to qualifying donors of the DRG about 18 months
before the data is uploaded to the All Lithuania database at LitvakSIG.

The site contains a wide variety of records including Revision and Family
Lists, Taxpayer Lists, and Internal Passport lists. There are a large num=
ber of records available for the town of Utena, including the Internal
Passport records which cover the period when your family lived in the
town. All the records are accessible to qualifying contributors to the
Ukmerge DRG via the Shutterfly web site at:

I did a quick scan of the Utena data, and immediately found a rich
1893-1905 Family List record for Meyer SEGAL's family which includes
Meyer, his wife Khaya, their daughter Riva, as well as other family members.

You may also find data for the family in the records of some of the
neighboring towns. If you know the married surname of Riva, you will likely
find more records for her family as well.

Let me know if you need any more information about the group or how to join
or you can read more at:


Roy Ogus
Coordinator, Ukmerge DRG
Palo Alto, California
r_ogus at


Subject: Searching for BANK - new data
From: Igor Schein <igorschein@...>

I learned a couple of new things about my BANK family which brought
up new questions.


2) His sister Khaya BANK was married to Meyer SEGAL. Their children
(at least the older ones) were born in Zarasai uezd but at some point
the family moved to Utena, Ukmerge. I am hoping to find their traces
among Ukmerge records, especially those of their daughter Riva, who
married, had two children (one before 1933, one in 1933) and divorced
all of that presumably happening in Utena. Would I benefit from
joining Ukmerge group? Unlike Sarazai uezd, where a few of my roots
are and where I am a member, my Ukmerge interest is strictly limited
to the family above, so I'd like to know what's available for members
before joining that group.

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