Where is Tyltyshskaya volostj? #lithuania

Maria Krane

Hi Everyone,

I encountered a place listed on the ALD when searching one of my Rakhmans
from Salakas, Lithuania. It stated that he was registered in Tyltyshskaya
volostj. I used the shtetl finder as well as the town finder but nothing
came up.

Does anyone know if there is another spelling variant for this place?
Could it be somewhere else(not in Lithuania). I even tried googling
the place and got nothing. If anyone can help out, I'd be most
appreciative. Thank you.

Maria Krane (Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA)
Researching: KATZ,RAKHMAN, RIMER In Salakas, Lithuania
RAKHMAN in Svir, Belarus
KREIN/KREYN/SHULDINER in Vegery and Zagare, Lithuania and Riga, Latvia
KERBEL/METZGER in Kaunas, Lithuania
HOFFMAN in New York, Massachusetts, and Maine
RIMER in Maine and Massachusetts

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