Indices to 1916-1935 Lodz Marriage & Death records now searchable on JRI-Poland #poland

Stanley Diamond

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland is pleased to announce a Pesach
gift to all researchers with roots in Lodz and nearby towns.

In collaboration with the Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogy
Center at Beit Hatfutsot - The Museum of the Jewish People in
Tel Aviv, JRI-Poland is proud to announce a milestone project,
unique in our history.

In a massive indexing effort under the guidance of Database
Department Director, Haim Ghiuzeli, volunteers at Beit Hatfutsot
have data-entered almost 90,000 marriage and death records
covering the years 1916-1935 >from scans provided by JRI-Poland.
Never before have we added a batch of records of this size >from
one town at one time.

As part of our Phase Three initiative to expedite work on records
indexing and extraction, JRI-Poland has acquired scans of records
from many towns in Poland. Scans include Lodz 1907 to 1915
Russian language birth, marriage and death records and 1916-1935
Polish language marriages and deaths (births less than 100 years old
are protected by Polish privacy laws).

The indexing of the 90,000 1916-1935 Lodz marriage and death
records is just the first part of the massive project ultimately to
provide extracts of all genealogical-relevant information >from
Lodz records, starting in 1826. Because Lodz has more surviving
records than any other town in Poland, we will be asking for
your help and support.

We know that researchers will want to obtain copies of their family
records as soon as possible. However, we ask that you wait for
additional information to be posted *after May 1st* - particularly
details of the policies to be established and the team that is being
set up to provide researchers with scans of their family records.
Contact information will be provided at that time.

In the meantime, Chag Sameach Pesach

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director,
on behalf of the Board of JRI-Poland

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