Re: Need help with "Konskription Zettel" site #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Gary Mokotoff wrote: "I tried to use the Konskription Zettel site at searching for the surname
"WINTERNITZ" and all I get are married women whose maiden name was
WINTERNITZ. What am I doing wrong?"

Gary is not doing anything wrong - the digitisation of millions of records has
stopped at letter *H* with just a few *I* names appearing. However if you read
the earlier postings {which I suggested} you will see that one can find women
with maiden names all the way through letters A-Z, as long as they are married
to men with letters A-I!

In the early days, unfortunately, the maiden names of women were not
registered; it would be a good collaborative project to record them ourselves!

Thus you cannot be sure you have picked up all these married women. Try Eduard
BACHRACH - you will see he is married to a Sara SCHIFF - but if you try
searching for Sara SCHIFF married to BACHRACH - she is not there!
There could be more WINTERNITZ women married to men with names starting with
letters A-H, that Gary has not picked up.

Thanks to Peter Zimmer for telling us that the English version is now
available. I had missed that!

Celia Male [U.K.]

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