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Igor Schein <igorschein@...>

I am researching KORB in Salakas. My ancestor was Israel Moshe ben
Shlomo KORB. I started looking at Salakas cemetery in JOWBR. There
are total of 400+ entries, and most of them don't have a surname,
which I am guessing was a common situation back then. I started going
down the list and eventually found Israel Moshe ben Shlomo who died in
1909. Now my ancestor is the only Israel Moshe ben Shlomo on 1908
Salakas family list, where he's listed as 73 yo. So I think I've just
found (with high probability) my ancestor's grave. I also looked for
his wife's name, but couldn't find it.

His grave marked as plot N14. I have two questions:

1) Is it reasonable to expect his wife to be buried in N13 or N15, or
it could be anywhere in the cemetery?

2) The search interface doesn't allow me to search by plot number.
Could anyone with an access to the spreadsheets used to populate JOWBR
take a look for me, or clicking on each record is my only options?


Igor Schein

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