Sad News #lithuania

Eden Joachim <esjoachim@...>

Although I prefer to share good news with you, sometimes I have to let you
know of sadness.

Vitalija Gircyte's sister passed away on Friday, January 20 after a lengthy

Through her work at the Kaunas Regional Archive (KRA), Vitalija Gircyte
has been a member of the LitvakSIG family for a long timeand is personally
familiar to many of us.

Howard Margol writes: "for over ten years, Vitalija was a great friend of
Litvak SIG and a very important factor in getting records in the KRA
translated. For years, she managed the translation process at the KRA for
Litvak SIG up until January, 2011.

Vitalija and her sister were very close. Vitalija is alone now and in deep
sorrow; she has no family."

I'm sure messages of condolence will be appreciated; please use your
discretion in contacting her while she mourns the death of her only
relative. You may contact Vitalija by email to v.gircyte@... or
postal mail to her at the Kaunas Regional Archive, Maironio 28, Kaunas,
LT44249 Lithuania.

Eden Joachim
President, LitvakSIG

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