Re: Stories about why families immigrated during the 1870s #lithuania

Jo Kilbourn <josephine569@...>

My family story is that when David Shalit became eligible for the Russian
army, he left Simnas and crossed the border. He wanted to avoid serving in
the Russian army. He immigrated in 1877 - although I can find no record for
him. He was 18 when he immigrated.

His brother, Barnard, immigrated in 1883 (can find no record for him either)
and he would have been 14.

Abraham immigrated in 1884 at the age of 14 (cannot find any record for him

Henry immigrated 1891 and he was 14 as well. Someone found him for me -
maybe coming to this country as Henoch Silberman (mother's maiden name) but
not sure it is him.

A sister Sadie immigrated in either 1888 or 1890 and she was 28 or 30 and I
cannot find anything on her as well.

The family story is that David's mother and sister would sneak across the
border to take him food and on one trip, his sister, Adelle, was killed. On
another trip, his mother, Edith Silverman Shalit, was shot but was able to
make it back to Simnas where she later died >from her wounds. All the
children named their first girl, Edith Bessie, except Barnard because he had
two boys!

Jo Kilbourn

Searching for Shalit, Abrams, Goldberg/Golden/Pinanski all supposed to be
from Simnas with the exception of the Abrams who were >from "Martelle"

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