Re: Udelephsky surname? #lithuania

Jeff Miller

Mark London is researching the surname Udelephsky.
I would say the first name to try is YUDELEVSKI.

By entering this surname at the following website you can get various
alternative surnames and sources for research.

In my research of YUDELOWITZ/YULEVIZ/YUDELEVICH I sometimes come across the
name you are researching.

Jeff Miller

Mark London wrote:

Hi - My wife's great great grandparents lived in Vilna. The husband's
surname was Markels. They husband, supposedly a cantor, died in Vilna,
and the rest of the family immigrated in the 1890s. The wife's maiden
name supposedly is something like Udelephsky, or Udelewsky. I can't
find any surname like that. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Mark London
Natick, MA

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