Yizkor Book Project, March 2012 #lithuania

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Numerically wise and on the surface, the Yizkor book activities during March
seem a little quieter than usual, however volume-wise, this month saw
considerable amounts of material being added to various projects. As a
result, I would like to send out a number of thank-yous to the people behind
some of the March additions.

- This month no fewer than five necrologies were added - Capresti, Moldova;
Csenger, Hungary; Jadow, Poland; Korets, Ukraine; Luninyets, Belarus; and I
would like to thank Shalom Bronstein, Haim Sidor and Yefim Kogan for the
painstaking efforts they put into preparing them as accurately as possible.
- I would also like to thank Yefim Kogan, the Bessarabia SIG Coordinator,
for his encouragement and assistance in pushing forward the translation of
Yizkor books >from the Bessarabian region which contain so much un-tapped
information about the communities there
- This month saw the addition of the Vishnevets, Ukraine book which has been
translated and will be completely uploaded to the Yizkor Book Project over
the coming months. My sincere thanks go out to the people behind this
remarkable effort - Ron Doctor, Ellen Garshick and Sara Mages and for Ron
and Ellen's involvement in organization of the translation of other
Ukrainian Yizkor books.
- A grateful thank you goes out to Debby Applegate for the numerous
translations that she kindly donated to the Ivanava, Belarus (Yanow near
Pinsk) Yizkor book.
- A special thank you goes out to Joyce Field, former Yizkor Book Project
Manager, for compiling a very readable history of the Yizkor Book Project
which is now online and there for your enlightenment at:

Other than that, some great news - Joel Alpert, the coordinator of the
Yizkor Books in Print Project has informed me that there are now five
English Yizkor books that are available for purchase at "Amazon" and a
further three will be available shortly. Details of these books, where they
can be purchased and other information on this project can be found at:

As far as the March figures go, during this last month we have added these 6
new projects:

- Capresti, Moldova (Kapresht, our village; memorial book for the Jewish
community of Kapresht, Bessarabia)

- Hrubieszow, Poland (Memorial Book of Hrubieshov)

- Mielec, Poland (Mielec Jews)

- Mlyniv, Ukraine (Mlynov-Muravica memorial book)

- Sokyryany, Ukraine (Sekiryani, Bessarabia - alive and destroyed)

- Vishnevets, Ukraine (Memorial book to the martyrs of Vishnevets who
perished in the Nazi Holocaust)

Added in 3 new entries:

- Pobezovice, Czech Republic (The Jews and Jewish Communities of Bohemia in
the past and present) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/bohemia/boh575.html

- Poprad, Slovakia (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Slovakia)

- Sadowne, Poland (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities: Poland)

We have continued to update 28 of our existing projects:

- Bielsko Biala, Poland (Chapters >from the past)

- Biezun, Poland (Memorial book of the martyrs of Biezun)

- Briceni, Moldova (Brichany: its Jewry in the first half of our century)

- Briceva, Moldova (Memorial Book of Brichevo)

- Bychawa, Poland (Bychawa; a memorial to the Jewish community of Bychawa,
Lubelska) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Bychawa/Bychawa.html

- Csenger, Hungary (Memorial Book of the Martyrs of Csenger, Porcsalma and
Vicinity) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Csenger/Csenger.html

- Dotnuva, Lithuania (Letters >from Dotnuva)

- Galicia, Poland (Rabka Four - Instruments of Genocide and Grand Larceny)

- Gorodets, Belarus (Horodetz; history of a town, 1142-1942)

- Grajewo, Poland (Grayewo Memorial Book)

- Huedin, Romania (My memories of Banffy-Hunyadi)

- Ivanava, Belarus (Yanow near Pinsk; memorial book)

- Jadow, Poland (The Book of Jadow)

- Kaluszyn, Poland (The Memorial Book of Kaluszyn)

- Katowice, Poland (Katowice: the Rise and Decline of the Jewish community;
Memorial Book) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Katowice/Katowice.html

- Kock, Poland (Memorial Book of Kotsk)

- Korets, Ukraine (The Korets book; in memory of our community that is no
more) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/Korets/Korets.html

- Luninyets, Belarus (Memorial book of Luniniec / Kozhanhorodok)

- Ostrolenka, Poland (Book of Kehilat Ostrolenka; Yizkor Book of the Jewish
Community of Ostrolenka)

- Ratno, Ukraine (Ratno; Story of a Destroyed Jewish Community)

- Rokiskis, Lithuania (Yizkor book of Rakishok and environs)

- Serock, Poland (The book of Serock)

- Sierpc, Poland (The Community of Sierpc; Memorial Book)

- Sokolka, Poland (Memorial Book of Sokolka)

- Suwalki, Poland (Memorial book of Suvalk)

- Tarnogrod, Poland (Book of Tarnogrod; in memory of the destroyed Jewish
community) http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/tarnogrod/tarnogrod.html

- Tighina, Moldova (Bendery Community Yizkor Book)

- Tovste, Ukraine (Memorial book of Tluste)

Please remember that all this month's additions and updates have been
flagged at http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/translations.html to make it easy
to find them.

I assume that this report finds many of you presently involved in
"knaidlach" rolling, "chametz" searching out and all the myriad activities
that come before Pesach and the seder. Since it seems that you've taken a
break to read this, while I have your attention I would like to wish all of
you and your families a very happy and memorable Pesach.

Pesach Sameach,
Lance Ackerfeld
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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