Transcription help needed. #lithuania

Mark London <mrl@...>

Hi - I'm trying to find my great great grandmother's maiden name, who
came >from Slobodka, born approximately 1832. Her married name is listed
as Tserna Borker in the Lithuanian records. She had 7 children who came
to America, but most of their records omit her maiden name. Here is the
only that does give a maiden name, a 1885 New Jersey marriage
certificate of one of her sons.

My best guess as to what's written there for her maiden name, is
"Cernper" (see the word Certificate at the bottom of the page). But
this doesn't match any Lithuania surname that I can think of. Either my
transcription is wrong, or the surname is totally contrived (or
Americanized), just like her first name was Americanized to Anna (as was
her husband's name, >from Mordecai to Maurice). Any other opinions
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Mark London
Natick, May

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