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Howard Margol

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Could anyone please tell me how accurate the dates are in the Lithuania
database ? I am looking for any records of Tobias and Faiga FRIEDMAN/
FREEDMAN in the Kovno area.

In the Lithuania Marriage and Divorces database, I have found the
marriage of: Tuviash FRIDMAN and Feiga ZUNDEL in Kedainiai, Kaunas.
But the MARRIAGE date is: 5/2/1881 and my Tobias and Faiga
would have married about 1840- 1854.
Could this date be wrong ? >

Anything is possible but it is very doubtful the date would be off by
about 30 - 40 years. The first entry for a marriage in Kedainiai was
entry # one on the first page of the book. Following that, was the
entry for the second marriage, etc. until the book was filled and a
new book was started. In other words, the entries were made in
chronological order so one date followed another. Since all entries
were done by hand, the entries could not be changed around.

There is one far out possibility. They were married during 1840 - 1854
and, for some unknown reason, the marriage was not recorded. In 1881, they
appeared with two witnesses who testified they were at the original wedding
and the marriage was recorded.

There is another possibility you should consider. Tuviash's father was
Yosel, and the father of Feiga was Gerts Movsha. Even it there were two
different marriages, with the same names, it is very doubtful both
father's names would have also been the same.

Howard Margol
Atlanta, Georgia

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