Are YOU the person I have been looking for? #lithuania


As Holocaust Remembrance Day events take place I thought I would
send out yet one more plea hoping that maybe you are the person I have been
looking for, maybe you know this person, or maybe you will have a chance
meeting at a Holocaust-related event, or a genealogy meeting, etc., with
someone >from this family.

Here is what I know:

You would have been born in 1940 or 1941. I am assuming you were born in
Seduva, Lithuania, but, perhaps your parents were able to leave before you
were born and maybe you were born in Kaunas, Vilnius, or even somewhere in
Russia. Your father, whom you may not even remember, was a pharmacist in
Seduva until at least January, 1940. His name was Nochum Berman (born August
1, 1912); his parents were Faivel and Freida. Yad Vashem testimonies suggest
Nochum and his parents were killed along with the other Seduva Jews in August,
1941. But somehow you and your mother survived! I heard when the war ended
you were in Vilnius with your mother, but I don't know when you arrived there
or how long you stayed.

I believe you were with Chava Mellman and her daughter Ania and
Ania's son (Alexander?) in Vilnius but I don't know if you were with them
before the war ended or not. Chava was a dentist, also living in Seduva
through the 1930s, if not longer.

Your father, Nochum, was a very special friend to my mother. They corresponded
from May, 1937, when my mother came to the United States, and the last letter
was dated January, 1940. The beautiful letters he wrote to her helped her in
her transition to American life, and her letters to him provided hope for a
better world, as the world they both had known was unraveling.

A recent trip to Lithuania, including Seduva, did not provide any leads on
where you are. I showed your father's picture to many people, both in Vilnius
and in Seduva and even had a translator call every Berman in the Vilnius phone
book. I have met quite a few people with links to Seduva, but none that had
family living there at the onset of the war that were lucky enough to survive.

If, after reading this, you think you are the person I am looking for, or may
know this person, please contact me. I have already done significant research
in trying to find you but since you could be anywhere in the world, I welcome
all leads and suggestions, even if they seem like a long shot.
Thank you so much, in advance. I hope to finally find and meet


Marlene Saul Englander
Looking for:
Berman (Seduva, Lithuania)
(Also for: Zarchi (Vidz, now in Belarus) and Kagan (Vidz, now in Belarus))

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