Re: FELDSER - more research aids #general

Ann Rabinowitz

Thanks to Peggy Freedman for reminding me that I had forgotten to mention
using the wonderful "Southern Israelite" newspaper to locate information
on Southern Jewish families. This was in particular reference to the
FELDSER family and their relatives. One of the interesting things I
learned >from looking up the FELDSER family name in the newspaper was
that Max Feldser's son Robert had married a Cydel Cohen, whose grandfather
Rabbi Samuel Cohen of Charleston, SC, had married them.

In addition, it reminded me that you can look up not only individuals,
but towns and places as well as organizations or businesses. All of
these things are very important in expanding what you can learn about
your relatives and the way they lived and worked. For instance, I tried
looking up whether my Young Judaea meetings were reported on. The reason
for my particular interest was that I had a wonderful photograph of my
Young Judaea Regional Meeting which had been held in Atlanta, GA, and I
had wanted to identify all the people in it whose names I had, by now,
mostly forgotten entirely. However, I found that they weren't in this
particular newspaper, although they had been in others. There were
informational stories or adverts regarding the Young Judaea Camps which
I had attended which brought back many memories.

So, it is always a pleasure when someone reads your posting and responds so
readily like Peggy Freedman did and with such a good resource. I would also
add a resource which is the Encyclopedia of Southern Jewish Communities: which is part of the Goldring /
Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life. Lots of great information

Ann Rabinowitz

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