Additional Real Property Data for Panevezys District #lithuania

William Yoffee

Additional Real Property Data for the Panevezys District

The Panevezys District Research Group (PDRG) is adding additional data
concerning real estate ownership in two towns of the District. The data
concerns property owned by Jews in Panevezys town which was mortgaged in
1910 and 1911 and property owned by Jews in Pumpenai which was insured in
1910. There were 113 mortgaged properties listed in Panevezys town in 1910,
but in 1911 there were only 90 listed. There were 152 properties listed as
insured in Pumpenai in 1910.

The mortgage listings for Panevezys town in 1910 and 1911 appear to be two
versions of the same information. The listing for 1910 contains many names
that are omitted >from the 1911 listing. The 1911 listing contains surnames
that were also listed in 1910, and some additional surnames of common
property owners. However some surnames are misspelled and some given names
and patronymics are recorded differently in 1911. In these cases, other
features are an indication that the same property is referenced.

The 1910 list, in its "Comments" column, gives the names of the streets
where the properties are located, and in a number of cases notes that a
property is held in common. In some cases it also names the holder of the
mortgage. The "Comments" column in the 1911 listing, in many cases, gives a
more detailed description of the location of the property. The 1911 list
also includes a column showing the amount of each mortgage. A potentially
confusing and misleading feature of the 1911 listing is that it gives the
names of persons (usually persons with the same surname) who have a common
interest in the property, and the total amount of the mortgage is restated
or a smaller amount of a person's common obligation is noted.

Pumpenai was primarily an agricultural village where 1017 Jews lived in
1900. The number had nearly doubled in the previous century and a half. This
constituted about 69% of the total population. At the beginning of the 20th
Century, a considerable number emigrated mostly to South Africa. It is
interesting to note that 27 (18%) of the properties listed as insured in
1910 were in the town's market place where presumably the goods made by
local craftsmen and agricultural products of the farming population were
sold. The Yizkor book for Lithuania quotes the Pumpenai-born poet B.
Byalostotsky who described the town's market place thus : "The market place
was shaped like a hand with five fingers that pointed in different
directions; one finger pointed to the small town of Pushalot in which only a
few dozen Jewish families lived; the second finger, in the direction to the
town Posvol, that was seen by the Jews as an aristocratic and exclusive
place; the third led to the town Vabolnik about which rumors were spreading
that robbers and murderers were controlling it, which made Pumpyan Jews
afraid to use this road; the fourth finger led to the big town of Ponevezh
that was the ideal of every Pumpyan Jew; the fifth road was the shortest
route to the Beth Midrash and the small Shtibl next door in which the
Hasidim went to pray. Between the Hasidim and the Mithnagdim friendly and
peaceful relations existed".

The Panevezys District Research Group invites everyone who is interested in
tracing family in the Panevezys District of Lithuania before and during WWI
and in the inter-war period to join in our effort to have additional records
translated. Access to the Panevezys District Research Group's (PDRG)
Shutterfly website is available to participants. Contributions totaling $100
or more qualifies an individual, and, for the next five years, provides
access to the website, as well as exclusive access to all newly translated
records for at least 18 months before they are made publicly available on
the All Lithuania Database (ALD). Your tax deductible (for US taxpayers)
contributions can be made to by credit
card, or by check at the address that is listed there. Please be sure to
designate the Panevezys DRG as the recipient.

Lists of surnames for either of the towns are available to ANYONE upon
request to me.

Bill Yoffee,
Panevezys District Research Coordinator,

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