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Joan Kramer


My great aunt, Nechama SHUR married Rabbi Dovid Leib/Lieb LURIE. I
believe that they had 4 sons and a daughter as follows:


Nettie was born about 1899 and named for her mother who died after
giving birth to her.
As the story has been told through the generations, Rabbi LURIE was
from a town other than the one Nettie was born in, so he left her to be
raised by his late wife's brother and sister-in-law: Harris/Zvi Hirsch
SHUR and Gittel MELER SHUR, who were my great grandparents.

Nettie arrived in the US in 1910 and was dropped off in Baltimore, MD.
The family members with whom she was travelling went on to Chicago,
where most of my SHURE family had settled. I must assume that the
reason that Nettie was sent to Baltimore was that some of her LURIE
relatives were there, perhaps even her father, Rabbi LURIE. There is
photo of Rabbi LURIE with son Morris, which is an American-imprinted
photo, so it's likely he brought the 4 boys to Baltimore and then sent
for Nettie. Yet her passage was paid for my another of her uncles,
Nathan SHURE in Chicago.

Eventually, Nettie moved to Chicago, but I don't know when. She
apparently went to high school there and married in 1921 Dr. Joshua
Samuel KAPLAN.
They had two sons:
Dr. Charles B. Kaplan
David Leon Kaplan

Nettie and Dr. KAPLAN are buried at Westlawn Cemetery in Chicago.

Does anyone know who Rabbi Dovid Lieb/Leib LURIE's father was? And his
mother and siblings? He apparently was >from the well-known line of
LURIE rabbis. But I can't seem to find records for him of his direct

I also would like to know where and when Rabbi LURIE died. It must have
been before 1923 when Nettie named her first-born son after him: David
Leon. The story was that Rabbi LURIE died in a fire in Lithuania
during a pogrom. However, the photo I have of him with his son Morris
was taken in the US. Did he come to the US and then return to Lithuania
after 1910? I think it's unlikely, but possible.

Any information would be appreciated. Please contact me directly at:

Many thanks.
Joan Kramer

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