David Slater

Would appreciate any information or connection regarding my pggm CHANA RIFKA
DROBIS/DROBIZ (b.abt.1849, Anyksiai, d.betw.1891-1899, Kovarsk). Husband
Leib Schlachter (b.1854 Kovarsk, d.1914 NYC).

Specifically, trying to locate Lithuanian birth, marriage & death records
(have been through Databases). Also, would greatly appreciate any
information or connection with related Drobis family members who may have
emigrated to the US. (including a Moris Drobiz, emigrating to NYC in 1892).

DROBIS/DROBIZ Family, originally >from Anyksciai
Aron Drabiz (b. abt.1811, Anyksiai); wife Tsivia Drabiz (b.abt.1813);
Son: Leyzer Borukh Drobis (b. abt.1830); Wife: Sheina Etel Drobis
(b.abt.1832); Children: Chana Rifka Drobis (b.abt.1849, d.betw.1891-1899)
& Israel Drobis (b.abt.1853),
Son: Ovsey Borukh Drobis (b.abt.1836); Wife: Freida Leia Drobis
Son: Smuel Drobis (b.abt.1843); wife Shenya Drobis (b.abt.1844); Children:
Kuna Drobis (b.abt.1871), Riva (b.1873), Mera Ginda (b.abt.1877)
Daughter: Pesha Rive (Drobis) Charn (b.abt.1840)

Thanks, very much!

David Slater
Marietta, GA

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