Viewmate - Russion army discharge document for Shalom Segal, former resident of Zagare #lithuania

Segal, Aron <Aron.Segal@...>

I would be extremely grateful if somebody is able to provide an accurate
translation of the attached document.

I believe that it is the discharge record >from the Russian army for one of
my relatives, Shalom Segal, son of (Rabbi)Shlomo Netaniel Segal and Judith
Getch. He was born ~ 1880 and migrated to Melbourne Australia in around
1910 or 1911. I was lucky enough to have known him for a number of years.

According to his Australian wedding certificate, he was born in "Mrinn, Rus=
sian Empire" but I know that he lived in Zagare.

An understanding of what is on this document would be invaluable to me as I
have never been able to find any record of him (whom I knew as Sol Segal),
the town called Mrinn and his parents.

This documents is on ViewMate at the following address

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you for your help

Aron Segal,

Melbourne Australia

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