Sheina Esther GLASS from Uzventis, Lithuania ancestors #lithuania

Alison Greengard

I am trying to find out any ancestors for my paternal great-grandmother
Sheina Esther Glass. She was born in Uzventis, Lithuania in 1856, and
married Abram Leib Aron, also >from Uzventis, in 1876. Her father was
Velvel/Vulf Glass. They also lived in Siauliai, Lithuania. In 1890
they were living in Riga, Latvia, where my grandmother was born. They
emigrated ~ 1900 and went to London for several years. >from there they
went to Philadelphia, PA, USA. I know she had a brother called Charlie
Glass when he lived in the US.

Through FTDNA testing of my Aunt, we have learned that she and our ancestor
Sheina Esther Glass has/had a rare maternal DNA of H1F, mostly found in
Finland. My Aunt has several matches >from Finland in the FTDNA Family Finder
database, with whom I have been corresponding. My Aunt also shows as 100%
Jewish in FTDNA. One match in particular seems to have some Jewish
heritage, going back in to the 1600's in Sweden, and the 1800's in Finland.
This Swedish/Finnish Jewish heritage comes as a complete surprise to us.

Although I have an extensive family tree for Abram Leib Aron (my
great-grandfather), I know very little about Sheina Esther Glass's family.
I haven't been able to find out much on the Litvak sites, so I'm wondering
if anyone can help me look for more sources. Thank you for any help you
can provide me. If it is of a personal nature regarding the family, please
respond privately. If it's general resources that would be helpful to
others, respond publicly, please.

Alison Greengard
Lakewood, Colorado,USA

Researching: GLASS (Uzventis, Lithuania; Siauliai, Lithuania)
ARON/AARONS (Uzventis, Lithuania; Siauliai, Lithuania; Riga, Latvia; London
England; Philadelphia, PA, USA)
GREENGARD (Virbalis, Lithuania)
KAPLAN (Slonim, Belarus; Baranovichi, Belarus)
WESEN (Ciechnow, Poland)
FILUT (Ciechanow, Poland)
ARON (Alsace, France; Paris, France; New Orleans, LA, USA)
ALFENNE (Metz, France; Rouen, France; Nantes, France; Ghent, Belgium;
Brussels, Belgium)
FRIBOURG (Paris, France)
MAREX (Metz, France)

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