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From: Peter Cohen <peter.cohen@...> In the course of chasing down
clues, I was told by a Rabbi that "there is no such name as Kivel, perhaps
it's a nickname for Akivah." Is that correct? Would the Hebrew name of
someone called Kivel be Akivah?=0A

...........The Rabbi's guess is correct. According to Alexander Beider's
exhaustive Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names, Kivl is a derived form
of Yakef-Jacob-Yaakov by way of Akiva. He considers Akiva a "Variation"
on Yaakov, and Kivel a "Derivation" by way of Akiva. Beider's references
for Kivl [Yiddish] are >from 19th century Lithuania, Belorussia, and
Ukraine. He gives the forms Kivel' and Kivko [Russian] for the same
period. (However, the final "o" shows Ukrainian influence.) Finally,
he gives the form Kivele [Yiddish] for 20th century Eastern Europe.

I have a great-grandfather Kiva (Akiva) >from Belarus, whose grandson
was named Kiva after him and the grandson's name in America became
Michael, if that helps.
Sonia Kovitz

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