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Akiva/Kiva is a distinct name, not derived >from Yaakov/Jacob/Jankiel.
Both names are derived >from a common root - the Hebrew word Akev which
means heel or to follow. The biblical legend has it that Isaac had twin
sons. The first was Esav. The second boy emerged at birth holding on to
his brother's heel, which is why he was named Yaakov. The name Akiva
traces back at least to Rabbi Akiva who lived in the 1st century.

Elan Caspi
Belmont, CA

From: Peter Cohen <peter.cohen@...> In the course of chasing down
clues, I was told by a Rabbi that "there is no such name as Kivel,
perhaps it's a nickname for Akivah." Is that correct? Would the Hebrew
name of someone called Kivel be Akivah?

...........The Rabbi's guess is correct. According to Alexander Beider's
exhaustive Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names, Kivl is a derived form
of Yakef-Jacob-Yaakov by way of Akiva. He considers Akiva a "Variation"
on Yaakov, and Kivel a "Derivation" by way of Akiva. Beider's references
for Kivl [Yiddish] are >from 19th century Lithuania, Belorussia, and
Ukraine. He gives the forms Kivel' and Kivko [Russian] for the same
period. (However, the final "o" shows Ukrainian influence.) Finally,
he gives the form Kivele [Yiddish] for 20th century Eastern Europe.
I have a great-grandfather Kiva (Akiva) >from Belarus, whose grandson
was named Kiva after him and the grandson's name in America became
Michael, if that helps.Sonia Kovitz

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