handling Julian dates #lithuania

Herbert Lazerow

<I'm curious...I have many relatives who were born in Lithuania with Julian
birthdates, emigrated to the West, and have Gregorian death dates. Almost
always, these relatives didn't bother with the calendar transition; if
their gravestones have full dates, they list the Julian birth and Gregorian
Does anyone account for the difference in their tree? I've been doing this
for a while, translating the Julian date to Gregorian, but I'm starting to
wonder if that's the right way to go about this. I do record the Julian
date in the fact notes.>

Not sure that there is a genealogically "correct" way to do this, but
I think you are expressing this as clearly as possible by translating to
the Gregorian date on the genealogy and noting in the notes the Julian date
on the original records. That should be clear to every reader of your

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