Re: Leeds #lithuania

Judith Singer

I stand corrected on the question of whether there was a predominance
of Lithuanian Jews in Leeds, having done some follow-up research.
Although there were Jews >from other areas of the Pale of Settlement,
an 1888 report on Leeds by the UK's Select Committee on Immigration
stated, "During the last twenty years there has been a steady influx
of Polish-Russian Jews. The greater part come >from the province of
Kovno, . . ."

I lifted the quotation >from
(thank you!) because it is >from such an unquestionable authority, it
states the answer so clearly, and it is so explicit, but in just a few
minutes of digging I came up with three or four other sources
suggesting the same.

The portion of my ancestors who settled in Leeds came >from a village
now located in Poland.

Judith Singer

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