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Judith Singer

Someone has emailed me to point out that Chanan in turn is "Short for
Elchanon". This is true, and I should have pointed it out, but it is
only true sometimes. It is also a short form of Yokhanon and
Chananya, and it exists as a given name on its own, meaning
"gracious". Its origin is Chronicles 18:23.

I think I have also seen a reference to Chanan is not merely "short"
for Elchanon, etc. but as a kinnui, I will leave thait to someone
more expert than I to discuss.

Judith Singer

Subject: Re: Given Name Khonka
From: Judith Singer <jsingerarslibris@...>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 09:42:02 -0500
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Hi - Khonka is listed in the Jewish Given Names Data Base as a
nickname for Chanan, therefore definitely a man's name.
If you haven't used the Given Names Data Base before, it's an easily
available database >from JewishGen. It doesn't have a "sounds like"
feature, and there are some names that are not included, so you
sometimes have to be creative. It will search for partial names,
though, so in this case, I probably would have searched for "Khon",
knowing that "ka" is one of the dozens of diminutive suffixes that
were used. (Another hint: If you search for a name starting with I,
as in "Iosel", and you get no matches, substitute Y for the I, and
you'll find what you need. This has happened with a few names I

Good hunting.

Judith Singer

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