World War II Evacuees to USSR #lithuania

Howard Margol

Of the 1.4 million records translated >from the Lithuanian archives, by
Litvak SIG, one of the most important and exciting lists in my memory has
just been distributed to every District Research Group (DRG). I am
referring to the list of Jews who were evacuated, at the beginning of
World War II in Lithuania, to various parts of the Soviet Union.

This list is not only important >from a genealogical research viewpoint
but is equally important involving the Holocaust. Some researchers never
knew what happened to their relatives or even if they survived. For some,
this list will provide the answers.

The list includes 2,640 lines of data in an Excel spreadsheet. In most
cases, the following information is included. Surname, given name, maiden
name, father's name, age or date of birth, place of birth, address and
name of town where they were living, and place they were going to live
in the USSR. For some names, interesting information is included in
the comments.

If you are already part of a Litvak SIG DRG, you can see these records
on the district web site. For others, I urge you to contribute $100 to
Litvak SIG, designated for a district of your choice. It will enable you
not only to see the World War II Evacuee list but also all records that
have been translated for that district. The records are added to the
Litvak SIG ALD database, and the Jewishgen Lithuania database, 18 months
after they are made available on the DRG web site.

To contribute, go to Scroll down to District
Research and choose the district of your choice. Feel free to use your
credit card as the site is secure.

Howard Margol
Litvak SIG Coordinator for Records Acquisition

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