marriage listed on ALD as not filmed-possibly due to divorce? #lithuania


I have two questions which I hope someone knows the answers to.

I found, on the ALD a record of the marriage of my aunt, which I know
ended in divorce. I also found the marriage record for her brother,
Shlioma Krapunas( Krapun) to Estera Charnaite (Charn) on Feb. 22, 1933.
All the columns on both were filled in, however both entries were
listed as not filmed.

Both Henka and Shlioma, along with my grandmother(my grandfather had
died in 1924) another sister and Henka's son were killed in Sept, 1941.

My grandparents had an inn on the edge of the forest in Vilkomir
(Ukmerge) where a market was held twice a week. When I asked my dad how
he had found out what had happened to his family (he came to the US in
1930) he told me that Shlioma's girlfriend played dead in the pit until
dark, then made her way to the house of a farmer she knew who hid her
and then made her way to Harbin, China where eventually she spoke with
the Red Cross who notified the surviving siblings who had emigrated
years before WW II.

One question I have is when a couple divorced were their marriage
certificates physically marked and therefore not filmed. If in fact
Shlioma's marriage ended in divorce is there an agency that might have
a record of the letter or a copy of the actual letter. The Red Cross
tracing service would not help me as the writer of the letter was not a
family member.

Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated,
Carol Blumenthal-Cohen

MODERATOR'S NOTE: While some vital record translations in the
LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database (ALD) are made >from records
that were filmed by the LDS, not all records were filmed by them.
In particular, many records >from after World War I were not
filmed by the LDS -- this has nothing to do with whether a
marriage ended in divorce.

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