Name change in 1866 #lithuania

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Name change in 1866

I am trying to find our original Family Name, and thus their family, but
so far have not been able to see anything resembling this.

My great grandfather, known to our family as Hermann Tzvi Silberstein was
born in 1839 in Taurage, Kowno Gubernia, Russian Empire. We have been
told by my father and uncle that the name was THIER (animal in German). He
married Johanna Deborah Rollnik in Upyna and had two boys - Moritz in 1863
and Wilhelm in 1865 both born in Upyna. (I have documents stating this).

Hermann and Johanna THIER Silberstein left Upyna with their 2 sons, in about
1866, and crossed the border into Germany and settled in Nakel Germany, now
Naklo Poland where their 3 other children were born.

The story goes that when crossing the border they took on the papers of
someone by the name of SILBERSTEIN - the reason varies with different
relatives. We have found all the Rollnik relatives and we know all the
Silberstein descendants.

We don't know anything about Hermann Tzvi Silberstein's siblings or aunts
or uncles. Hermann died in 1912 in Berlin ( he was 73 years) and on the
death certificate it is stated that his parents Juda and Chaja Silberstein
lived in Zitowian (Tytuvenai) before their deaths. We have not been able
to find any name pertaining to THIER in the records.

When I have researched the name THIER people with this name have their
origin in Austria and Hungary.

THIER may have been a Yiddish name, as I don't think 'H' is in the Russian

I am wondering if anyone could help in directing me where to look. What
could THIER be transcribed to in the Census of that time?

Any comment would be appreciated.

With thanks

Naomi Silverton
Sydney Australia

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