D & M translated for Belitsa, Orlya, Ostryna, Radun, Rozhanka, Vasilishki, Zheludok #lithuania


Dear Fellow Lida District Researchers:

I am really delighted to let you know that I just uploaded
to the LitvakSIG Lida District Shutterfly site files of
translations of death and marriage records for Belitsa, Orlya,
Ostryna, Radun, Rozhanka, Voranava, Vasilishki and Zheludok.
These records were microfilmed by the LDS at the Grodno
Archive some years ago and provided to the Belarus SIG.

Last year at the Boston conference, representatives of the
Belarus SIG provided the images of those records to me so
that they could be translated under the auspices of Litvak
SIG. Special thanks to Paul Zoglin of Belarus SIG for the
cooperation that made this joint effort possible.

The records are:
Belitsa D (1897-99) and M (1897-1900)
Orlya D (1897-1900) and M (1900)
Ostryna D (1897-1900) and M (1897-1900)
Radun D (1897-1900)
Rozhanka D (1897-1900) and M (1897-1898)
Vasilishki D (1897-1899)
Voranava D (1897-1900 and M (1897-1900)
Zheludok D (1897-1899) and M ( 1897-1900)

There is a surname list of the names covered in these records
which you can view in the Surname Lists section at the bottom
of the homepage of the LitvakSIG Lida District Research Group

Even if you don't think you had family >from Belitsa, Orlya,
Ostryna, Radun, Rozhanka, Vasilishki, Voronava or Zheludok,
make sure you check the surname list -- you'll see, especially
in towns that include marriage records, names >from other
nearby towns.

I had a significant surprise myself. My father's name in
Eisiskes was BASTUNSKI, and his father was Elia. In the
Voranava deaths, there was an 1898 record for the death
of a one-year-old child named Chaim Shoul BASTUNSKI,
son of Elia, >from Divinishok. Even though that town had
never been in my family records before, it is very possible
that child was my uncle.

The translation of these and other Lida District Records
(such as the recently translated 1834 Revision List) are
funded by qualifying contributors to the LitvakSIG Lida
District Research Group. A contribution of $100 or
more to LitvakSIG earmarked for the Lida District
will guarantee access to Excel files of records as soon
as they are translated -- at least 18 months before
they are publicly searchable on the All Lithuania Database
and JewishGen Belarus Database. Even when the records
are publicly searchable, having the records in an Excel file
enables you to sort and browse in ways very helpful to your

To become part of the LitvakSIG Lida District Research
Group, go to www.litvaksig.org/contribute scroll down
to Research Groups and choose Lida District. A donation
of $100 or more will guarantee access to newly translated
records for five calendar years and help us translate
additional records.

If you have any questions, please let me know
at JRBaston@aol.com


Judy Baston, Coordinator,
LitvakSIG Lida District Research Group

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