Determining Ownership of Estates #lithuania

Judith Singer

Hi all - does anyone know how I can find out what noble estate my
"home town" of Kavarskas was part of?

I am wondering if there was a tendency for Jews, if they moved within
the old Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth (including, e.g., Belarus
and part of Ukraine) or the Pale of Settlement, to choose a new
destination that was owned by the same noble family that owned their
current home? Each noble's different estates might be scattered
across hundreds of miles, so this would not necessarily have
restricted the distance of internal migration.

I realize the most important factors in choosing a new destination
would have been the presence of family and economic opportunity, but
if the identity of noble ownership (which would impact economic security,
among other things) was a factor, this might help us trace families
from one place to another.
Thank you for any suggestions on determining ownership of estates.

Judith Singer

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