Re: British Naturalizations for Kupishokers #general

Ann Rabinowitz

Very often, there are resources which we neglect to take advantage of in
our research into our family trees as we don't realize that some of our
family may have wandered to a location in the world we were not aware of.

One such resource is the British Naturalizations which are located on It was brought to my attention that these records were
available by another researcher and that he had found a number of
naturalizations for individuals >from my ancestral shtetl of Kupiskis,
Lithuania. I recognized the family names, but did not realize that these
branches had ended up in the UK. In fact, some of the records may provide
much additional information on hard to determine families such as COHEN
where there are 5-7 different families in Kupiskis.

Examples of what was found in these records and what makes them so
valuable are the following: Morris BERGER, age 24, son of Michael and
Betsy BERGER, living at 109 Brick Lane, Spitalfields, London, a veneer
merchant, unmarried. Naturalization dated April 23, 1900. Samuel BERGER,
age 28, born February 14, 1883, son of Michael and Rebecca BERGER, living
at 13 Ferncliff Road, Dalston, London, ironmonger's manager, married with
children Beatrice, 5, Montagne, 3, and Care, 6. Naturalization dated
October 12, 1911.

Abraham COHEN, age 32, son of Harris and Fanny COHEN, living at 4
Fournier Street, Spitalfields, London, boot manufacturer, married with
children Rachel, 11, Solomon, 8, Ada, 5, Sophy, 3, and Fanny, 1
Naturalization dated December 4, 1902. Woolf COHEN, age 29, son of
Harris and Fanny COHEN, living at 4 Fournier Street, Spitalfields,
London, boot manufacturer, married with children Yetta, 4, John 3,
and Ada, 1. Naturalization dated December 4, 1902.

Barnett HURWICH, age 39, son of Baer and Bertha HURWICH, living at
16 Battlefield Gardens, Langside, Glasgow, Scotland, cabinetmaker,
married with children Simon, 10, Jacob, 9, Alexander, 7, and Lazarus, 2.
Naturalization dated October 4, 1907.

Hirsh LEVIN, age , age 34, born February 14, 1877, son of David Passie
LEVIN, living at 125 Victoria Park Road, London, boot and shoe manufacturer,
married with children Esther, 3, and David, 1. Naturalization dated July 29,
1911. Isaac LEVIN, age 35, son of David and Pesha LEVIN, living at 114
Teesdale Street, Hackney Road, London, general cabinet manufacturer,
married with children Bessie, 9, and Ruth, 3. Naturalization dated June 2,

Max ROSEN (originally ROSENKOWITZ), age 28, son of Barnett and Bertha
ROSENKOWITZ, living at 88 Stock Street, Cheetham, Manchester, a painter,
married with child Harris Rosen, 5. Naturalization dated July 19, 1904.

Morris SELIGMAN, age 26, son of Kalman and Deborah SELIGMAN, living at
134 Old Montagne Street, Whitechapel, London, bootmaker, married with
no children. Naturalization dated February 25, 1897.

Given the above information, researchers can then avail themselves of
the British Census records as well as Kupiskis records which are to be
found on the All Lithuania Database records on the LitvakSIG site and
the Ukmerge District Shutterfly site.

Ann Rabinowitz

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