Cause of death: Syphilis #lithuania

Alison Greengard

While looking at death records on the Lithuania Database, I came across the
Causee of death for a Rivka age 40 as "tabes Syphilis".

I will admit to being a little surprised.

Do you think this was an accurate diagnosis?
If so, how prevalent was syphilis in Jewish communities in the 19th century?
Would Rivka have been aware that she had syphilis during her lifetime?
Would it have been a source of shame to her and her family? Presumably her
husband had it, so would it have been a source of shame for him as well,
or just for the woman?

I'm just trying to get a sense of societal norms and pressures.

Thank you so much.

Alison Greengard
Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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