Re: Revision list dates #lithuania

David Ellis

David Perle writes about his g-gf's birth date:

I think that it's more likely that the believed dates of their birth
are probably wrong....
A few U.S. records after he immigrated here consistently provide his
age/year of birth in Lithuania, but then I found two or three Lithuanian
revision lists showing him as having been something like 5 years

My experience is similar, but I came to a different conclusion. My g-gf was
listed on a variety of US records (census, naturalization, death) with an
age implying he was born in 1851 or 1852. The 1858 revision list from
Lithuania shows his age as 9, implying a birth in 1849. But the previous
revision list, >from 1850-1851, showed his parents as married with no
children. So in this particular case I would give more credence to his
birth date being 1851 or 1852.

David J Ellis
Natick, MA 01760

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