Record Dates on Revision Lists #lithuania

Fred Millner <flmillner@...>

Hi, Matthew,

My ancestor'd family shows a similar problem with revision list

In my case, it is clear that the later-born children were added later.
The specific date of the revision list with my grandfather, 6-year old
Fayvish Milner, is 1887 (no day or month). His cousin Nakhemia is
shown as two years old (correct). Then Honel is shown with no age,
and a note, born in 1887. Then Chaim is shown with no ag=e, and a
note, born 29 July 1892. Two other children are added in the same
way, as being born after 1887. In your case, I think that since the
children show no ages, they were added after the revision was taken.
The census-taker, however, did not note when they were actually born.

Of course, in your case not even the head of household has an age
shown. But my point is that at least in some cases, additions could
be made to the document after the original date of the revision.

Incidentally, the Russian records all show my grandfather as being
born somewhere in the 1880-82 period. My grandfather always said it
was 1880. But when he got married in 1911, he entered his age as 32!
I think his celebrated birthday was always an approximate.

Congratulations on the find! It is always thrilling.


Fred Millner

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