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Dave and Melanie Bloom

I've posted 2 pictures to View Mate and need a little help gathering
more information.

The woman pictured is most likely Helen Hersch. The back of the
pictures suggest that they were taken in 1944 in front of her house
at 2813 1/2 Buckingham, Los Angeles. I've found a picture >from a
1939 UCLA yearbook with a Helen Hersch that looks very similar to this
woman. I've found voter registration lists that show both Helen Hersch
and Rose Herscovitch at that address in both 1944 and 1946. My dad and
uncles remember a Hersch family as they were growing up in Cleveland
in the 40s-60s as relatives. But no one remembers exactly who they
were. Can you help?

View Mate numbers 35232 and 35233. The other names I'm searching
in Cleveland are: BLOOM, BLUM (Kaunas and/or Birzai), BERGER
(Latvia, Austria), ROTENBERG, ROTHENBURG (Latvia), POLLACK (Egypt),
SHANKER (Russia). RAVICH (unknown origin).


Dave Blum

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