Documents to enter United States #lithuania

Judith Singer

For many years I heard that my grandfather left Lithuania in the 1890s
and went to England, where a friend of a friend gave his papers,
supposedly including a passport, to my grandfather so that he could
enter the U.S. But as far as I know, there were no particular papers
someone needed to enter the U.S., not ID papers or a passport or a
visa. I could e wrong, of course, but I haven't read of anyone being
required to show documentation except on departing >from the German
ports (though maybe the same was true of the British ports).

Does anyone know exactly what documentation my grandfather would have
needed to emigrate >from the UK (Liverpool) to Canada, where he went
through the U.S. immigration office upon landing in St. Johns? ? If
there were not such documents, why might he have needed to change his

Thank you for your help.

Judith Singer

MODERATOR'S NOTE: please respond privately, since migration >from the
UK to Canada is outside the scope of this list.

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