Birzai, Lithuania #lithuania

Saul Issroff

Did your ancestors come >from Birzh, a small town in the northeast of
Lithuania? If so please advise who they are and provide contact
details. We hope to have a memorial with the names of the murdered
Jews created at the killing site just outside the town - as has been
done in other Lithuanian towns such as Plungian and Keidan.

The Lithuanians in Birzai, who have created a Tolerance Centre in
their local high school, are also keen to have a panel about the Jews
in their local museum in which Jews are currently not represented. Do
you have any photos of Birzai in the period before the Nazi Holocaust?
If so could you please scan them (300 dpi) and send them to us.
Please let us hear >from you on both queries.

You can contact them at or

Saul Issroff

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