Two important lists translated #lithuania

Howard Margol

Litvak SIG has just received the following lists.

Jewish Lithuanian Army Volunteers - 1918-1923
Jews of Lithuania who survived WWII - 1946 - JDC (Joint Distribution

Both lists will be available on every Litvak SIG District Research
Group (DRG) web site within the next week to ten days. If you are
part of a district research group, a contribution of any amount
would be very helpful so additional, similar lists can be translated.
Go to and designate your contribution
to the District General Fund.

If you are not part of a DRG, now would be a good time to join one
of the DRGs of your choice. You would not only be able to see these
two lists but also thousands of other records for the district that
have been translated.

Go to and contribute $100 to LitvakSIG
SIG designated for the district of your choice. The contribution
is good for 5 years.

Howard Margol
Litvak SIG Coordinator for records acquisition

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