Tenant farmer relationship with landowner #lithuania

Howard Margol

Smorgon was in the Oshmiany District and there are a lot of Smorgon
records on the District web site.

To access the Oshmiany District Research Group (DRG) web site and
see all of the translated records, please use the following
instructions .

Go to www.litvaksig.org/contribute Scroll down to District research
and choose Oshmiany District. You can use your credit card as the
site is secure. For your $100 you will gain access to all of the
Oshmiany District records that get translated and have been
translated and is good for five years.

After donors have the files for 18 to 24 months, they are made
available to the public on the All Lithuania Database.

Benefits of becoming a Qualified Contributor include access to
the group's data in Excel format. Equally important is the sharing of
information and research experiences with those of similar interests.

Howard Margol

<<From: nosinekenna@gmail.com
I've been at a dead end with one of my families, ZALTZMAN of
Smorgon, now Smarhon, Belarus. My great-grandparents were farmers
and timber merchants who ran a small tavern outside town. It has
been suggested to me that they might have lived in "Krake" and/or
near the river Vilija. I have NO records for the family, just family

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