Lots of new data - Svencionys DRG of LitvakSIG #lithuania

Russ Maurer

The Svencionys District Research Group of LitvakSIG has just posted
over 2500 lines of revision list data >from 1850 or 1851 for the
shtetls of Adutiskis, Kobylniki/Naroch, Komai, Lyntupy, Naujasis
Daugeliskis, Svir, and Zhodzishki. This single addition increases the
amount of shtetl-specific data on our site by about 30 percent. This
information is available now to qualified contributors to the
Svencionys DRG, and will migrate to the All-Lithuania Database after
approximately 18 months. Even if you don't think your ancestors were
in these shtetls, it is worth looking as people did move around.
Those interested in further information about becoming qualified
contributors and gaining immediate access to these, and our other data
files, are invited to contact either of the Co-coordinators.

Happy hunting!

Russ Maurer (rrmmaur@gmail.com)
Rhoda Miller (rhodamiller104@gmail.com)
Co-coordinators, Svencionys District Research Group

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