In the year 1898 ITZKO KURETZKES (father: Gdalyash) married GNENDEL
LIKHTMAKHER (father Meir) both born in Vilna.

Both were widowed and Gnendel was firstly wedded to a Mr Karpis, secondly to
Izrail Yokelson and thirdly to Izko Kuretzkes (surname spelt as such on the
archived lists for Vilna.)

Gnendel was my paternal grandmother's sister. The surname LIKHTMAKHER was
eventually changed to LIGHTMAN in England.

I cannot find any further information about Itzko and Gnendel Kuretzkes and
would be interested if anyone has the names on their family trees. I should
be pleased to make contact with Kuretzkes originating >from Vilna.

Brenda Habshush. Sde Boker.Israel

(Researching Likhtmakher: Vilna. Bernstein:Kremenchug. Viner: Riga.)

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